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Socially Responsible Investment Fund that aims to invest in three long-term mega-trends:

T1 – Improving the quality of life (future consumption habits)

T2 – Improving the productivity of the economy (digitalization, artificial intelligence, robotics, connectivity)

T3 – Environmental care (decarbonization of the economy, water treatment, waste recycling)

The Fund will consider the environmental, social and good corporate governance criteria of companies where they invest not only to generate competitive financial returns in the long term, but also to actively contribute to a positive social impact.
These can have a significant positive and negative impact on the business model and the value of the company, therefore supply chain management, environmental policy, health and safety of workers and corporate governance , will be important factors to consider.

The investment process will aim to combat the most transcendental issues of our society and to combat:

  • The ageing of the population

The increase in life expectancy will have serious economic and social implications and according to data published by the UN, the percentage of over 60 years of age would go from 12% in 2015 to 19% 2030.

  • Gradual growth in dependency

High expectations of well-being, the duty to implant a model of development apt so that they can lead their life with dignity to promote leisure and educational activities around this group that is expected to grow more and more.

  • The scarcity of natural resources

Companies should make use of their resources efficiently by offering alternatives and new technologies.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) encourages companies to disseminate their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies in order to Establish reduction targets and improve their environmental impact.

  • Climate change

Global warming has been one of the most troubling issues over the past few years, as a result of numerous disasters, the United Nations in December 2015 set clear targets for reducing global dependence on fossil fuels, with the To limit and curb global warming. This has made big oil and utility companies change their business models and reinvent themselves.

The fund uses as reference indices the Euro STOXX 50 Net Return.

Fidentiis Gestión has been acquired by Bestinver Group. Since March 8, 2020, it has been managed by Bestinver Gestión. You can consult the information about this fund at www.bestinver.es

To consult any net asset values you can do so at https://www.bestinver.es/fondos-de-inversion/bestinver-megatendencias-f-i/


Álvaro Llanza Figueroa


Inception: 21 June 2017
Focus: Europe
Benchmark: SX5T Index
Management Fee: 1.25%
Performance Fee: 9% over HWM
Admin & Custodian: BNP Paribas
ISIN: ES0183793001



Managment commission 1.25%
Release date: 16/06/2017


9.78 -2.47% -7.61% -2.71% - - -2.19%

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